Our Goal

Senior Village serves all residents of SaddleBrooke. You may not need us today, but “surprises” happen.

Members tell us that Senior Village helps them live more independently. A friendly, vetted and insured volunteer helping with simple tasks or errands can make all the difference. Peace of mind is one of our services!

Annual Dues

$60 for an individual
$96 for a couple (household)

As a member, you will have access to all Senior Village services (6 per month or 18 per quarter). Whether you need a ride to the doctor or grocery shopping, help with a simple task around the house, or a friendly call or visit, please call (520) 314-1042 and leave a message at any time. We can usually get back to you within a few hours. Additional services may be added in the future as we learn more about your needs.

Services We Provide for Our Members

    Going My Way

    Transportation – Vetted & trained volunteers drive members to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands.  Transportation services may go to east Tucson including Tucson Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital and to the Veteran’s Hospital to the south.  We do not provide transportation to or from the airport. 

    Helping Hands

    Around the House and Yard – Volunteers are not plumbers, electricians, or landscapers! However, they can help with many simple things like loose hinges, changing light bulbs, computer support, or replacing refrigerator filters. Please click HERE for a more detailed list of what we can and cannot do.

    Friendly Connection & Fun With Friends

    Personal phone calls and home visits help members stay in touch and socialize.  Monthly activities provide opportunities to meet new friends and enjoy interactive participation.  Choose from these lively events: book club, Men’s Social Hour and more. 

    Residential Lockbox Installation

    Lockboxes provide safe, secure and rapid access for 911 personnel in case of an emergency. Every resident of SaddleBrooke should have a lockbox. Call (520) 240-0149 to learn how you can purchase a lockbox from Senior Village and have it installed for you.  This service is available to all residents of SaddleBrooke – not just for Senior Village members. More information is available HERE.

    Forms & Documents

    Assistance with the organization and processing of important legal documents. Volunteers will assist members with organizing their paperwork, filling in forms, handling business after a loved one’s death, etc. A handbook will be provided to enter information.

    Home Technology

    Volunteers will help with setting up voice command devices such as Alexa. They’ll also install smart lights, plugs, doorbells and thermostats.

    Moving On

    Moving On was developed to meet the needs of members as they consider transitioning from SaddleBrooke. This team will provide resources to assist the members as they work through the process of finding and choosing a long-term care residence and the eventual packing and move that can, at times, seem daunting. More information is available HERE.

    Support Team

    Volunteers will do home visits to assess needs, formulate suggestions/options and provide resource information.

    Some Things We Cannot Provide

      Respond To Emergencies

      In a real emergency, dial 911 and let the trained professionals handle it!

      We're Not Medically Trained

      We cannot diagnose or treat illnesses or handle medications.

      We're Not Licensed Contractors

      For major repairs, you need to hire a licensed plumber, electrician, etc.

      We Don't Do Ongoing Tasks You Can Hire Folks To Do

      Our volunteers are happy to help with simple household tasks but they do not perform on-going services such as landscaping, housecleaning, cooking, and home health care.  It is best to hire professionals for these services. 

      More Information

      Training Dates

      Now that you're a volunteer, see the available upcoming volunteer training sessions listed here.

      Services for Member

      Members gain access to a comprehensive range of services provided by volunteers. 

      Upcoming Events

      Senior Village holds events and activities for our community, members, and volunteers.