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Membership Team Welcomes You

September 2023
Phyllis Ketring

When you say “hello” to Senior Village for the first time, it’s the Membership Team that greets you. There are currently 27 volunteers on the team with two co-leaders. One of them will be your first personal contact with Senior Village.

Co-leaders Betty Crawford and Jaci Nissen are dedicated to creating an initial discussion that is open, positive, and informative. They answer questions and explain the enrollment process. All Senior Village vetted volunteers are committed to helping members live in their SaddleBrooke homes as long as possible and advisable.

A co-leader responds to an email/website request within 24 hours. Within two more days, a membership team volunteer will call to schedule an intake appointment in your home. When that process is completed, your information is entered into the Senior Village database.

If there is an urgent request, the Membership Team works to facilitate your need.

Says Jaci Nissen, “I am truly fortunate to be able to make a positive difference in a resident’s life at SaddleBrooke. I am humbled by words of thankfulness and the reassurance that residents express knowing that someone has their back.”

Jaci Nissen became a volunteer on the membership team in August 2020 and a co-leader in 2021. She started as a member and became a volunteer after requesting the Helping Hands team for a home project. When she told the volunteer that she wanted something worthwhile to fill her time, he recommended Senior Village and the Covid vaccination program. She joined the telephone team and later became a permanent Senior Village volunteer on the Membership Team. Jaci says, “Senior Village gave me new insight into what life is all about – truly and honestly caring about our fellow human beings to the best of our abilities.”

Betty Crawford started with Senior Village in January 2021 and considered the Going My Way and Fun with Friends teams. When she was asked to join the Membership Team, she welcomed that role. In mid-2022, she was asked to co-chair the team with Jaci. She and Jaci work well together in their job-sharing arrangement. They alternate weeks on answering requests and assigning a team volunteer to arrange home visits and complete the intake procedure. Betty also does volunteer orientation.

Job-sharing the team leadership position is one of the many creative ways that allows talented volunteers to serve the Senior Village mission of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” If you would like to learn more about membership, call Senior Village at 520-314-1042.


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