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Safety Unlocked: Lockboxes Save Homes, Lives and Minutes

January 2024
Anne Quinn-Diment
Senior Village

In the thrilling world of firefighting portrayed on our favorite TV and movie screens, we witness brave men and women forcefully busting down doors to reach the heart of the blaze. Did you know that there is a practical tool that can save precious minutes and minimize damage in an emergency fire situation? The lockbox.

A lockbox is a heavy-duty metal box that is designed to allow first responders swift access to homes during medical and health emergencies when no one is available or physically able to open the door. The lockbox is installed near the entrance to the home and contains your house key. The box may be accessed only by authorized, on-duty personnel from the Golder Ranch Fire District. As firefighters can access the home with a key that you have placed in the box, damage to the door or windows is minimized.

Fortunately, SaddleBrooke residents have an easy and convenient way to purchase and have a lockbox installed, thanks to Senior Village. Residents simply call 520-240-0149 to order a lockbox and upon delivery call Senior Village to schedule free installation by an experienced volunteer. At $60, the lockbox is an affordable investment in your safety. Senior Village volunteers install the lockbox for free. The timeline for receipt of the lockbox and installation depends upon demand.

In the world of firefighting, where every minute counts, a lockbox ensures that help is not only swift but also easier on your home. Make the call, secure your lockbox and let safety take center stage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure a neighbor or friend has a spare key to your front door and any gated entrances. This precaution is important in case someone needs access to your home in a non-emergency situation.

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