Our Mission is to provide simple, non-medical services for members and to serve as a resource to the greater SaddleBrooke community.

Improving Daily Life

More than 2,000 SaddleBrooke residents have learned the value of a Senior Village membership. Whether it be a ride to an important appointmment, help with complicated documents, or simply changing a lightbulb Senior Village volunteers are here to help when a little help is needed. Peace of mind is delivered when a trained and vetted volunteer visits a member. Our goal is to improve the daily life of SaddleBrooke residents.


A tax deductible donation and legacy planning will benefit the neighbor who has yet to arrive in SaddleBrooke.

Member Services

A broad range of non-medical services is offered to SaddleBrooke residents for a nominal annual fee.

Volunteers & Teams

All Senior Village volunteers exemplify the Neighbor Helping Neighbor philosophy.

Newsletters & Articles

 Visit our library to learn how SaddleBrooke neighbors are supported by Senior Village.

Activities & Events

Senior Village at Saddlebrooke offers an array of activities for members and our friends in the community.

A Visual Arcade

Throughout the years, Senior Village has sponsored many fundraisers, appreciation parties, and community events. 

Join Us

Help us make a difference in our community.

Help Us Grow

Donations are crucial to advance our mission and ensure the future of Senior VIllage at SaddleBrooke. 

Become a Member

As a member of Senior Village, you will gain access to a range of services. Join us and experience the care of a Senior Village membership. 

Assist Your Neighbors

Senior Village offers a wide range of volunteer opportunies that benefit the organization as well as the members.