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Go Green! 2024 Electronics & Hazardous Waste Recycling Event

February 2024
Anne Quinn-Diment
Senior Village

Senior Village invites you to make SaddleBrooke cleaner and greener by responsibly clearing out hard-to-dispose-of items. Mark your calendars for March 30 and head over to the MountainView Clubhouse lower parking lot from 9 am to noon to take advantage of the annual Electronics & Hazardous Waste Recycling Event.

Clean out your garage, pack up your car and contribute to a more sustainable SaddleBrooke. For just $10, you can drop off a carload of items. Extra recycling fees apply for flat-screen TVs ($10) and old CRT TVs ($20). All SaddleBrooke residents are welcome to participate in this event. Senior Village is hosting this event in collaboration with the e-waste company, Suburban Miners.

Together, let’s make March 30 a great day to go green!

Accepted items include:

– Electronics with a cord or battery (e.g., microwaves, answering machines)

– Computer equipment (e.g., hard drives, tablets, printers, with hard drives securely destroyed)

– TVs, VCRs, DVD players

– Batteries

– Fluorescent lights

– Metal and wire

– Motor oil

– Paint & paint thinner

– Pesticides, fertilizers, household cleaning chemicals

– Phones (cell and home)

– Toner cartridges

Items that cannot be accepted include:

– Books

– Cardboard

– Clothing

– Furniture

– Light bulbs

– Paper

– Propane tanks

This annual recycling event is just one of the many ways that Senior Villages helps to support SaddleBrooke community residents throughout the year. For more information about Senior Village, please visit

Let’s all make a difference by responsibly disposing of electronic waste and hazardous materials!

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