Serving the Community

Our commitment to quality of life is expressed every time a well-trained and vetted volunteer provides a simple, non-medical service to a SaddleBrooke resident.

Lockbox Installation

 If you are unable to open the door when 911 responders show up, they may have to break down a door or smash a window to gain entry. A house key in the secure lockbox outside your front door (that ONLY first responders can access) will enable them to enter quickly and lock up on the way out.

You can also leave a note for the care of pets if you are taken to the hospital. A folder for medical records (allergies, prescriptions, etc.) is also provided to affix to your refrigerator.

You do not have to be a member to request this service.

How fortunate we are in SaddleBrooke to have such kind and helpful volunteers right here and just a phone call away. Not only were the initial visits very helpful but having help throughout the year for tasks I wasn’t able to do myself, such as installing a new computer and printer and advice on getting my changed life together were all extremely valuable. How very fortunate we are here in SaddleBrooke to have all of these wonderful people who unselfishly volunteer their time to help others in need. You are much appreciated. Again…many, many thanks! ~ E.F.

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Senior Village organizes and sponsors events for the SaddleBrooke Community such as Music Matinees, the annual Recycling Event, and Beach Bash fundraiser!

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