About Us

Who is Senior Village?

Senior Village is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and we are your neighbors. Neighbors Helping Neighbors is our motto, and all services are provided by people who live in SaddleBrooke. Our commitment to quality of life is expressed every time a well-trained and vetted volunteer provides a simple, non-medical service to a SaddleBrooke resident.

Our Guiding Principles

The MISSION of Senior Village at SaddleBrooke is to provide simple, non-medical services for members and to serve as a resource to the greater SaddleBrooke community.

The VISION of Senior Village at SaddleBrooke is to be a volunteerdriven organization aspiring to create a better everyday life for the people of SaddleBrooke.

The VALUES Senior Village at SaddleBrooke recognizes three critical values upon which all decisions are made – Integrity Empathy Confidentiality

Live Your Best Life

When family, friends and neighbors aren’t available to offer help or companionship, Senior Village brings that same level of service and care to each doorstep. Whether needs are for transportation to medical appointments, minor home or yard tasks, home technology, assistance with legal documents, or simply a check-up call or visit, Senior Village volunteers are available to help.

If your loved one is a SaddleBrooke resident who has joined Senior Village, you probably have questions and are curious about what services Senior Village offers.

Origin of Senior Village

In the fall of 2015, Gary Hammond and Dick Fleming met to discuss the idea of forming Senior Village. Modeled on other “villages” in the United States, the intent was to foster “aging in place” and “independence” for seniors. With the unexpected death of Dick in early 2016, Gary decided to carry on with the village. 

Learn more Senior Village history and read an interview with Gary Hammond.

The Board

Senior Village Organization

Senior Village at Saddlebrooke flourishes due to the incredible power of teamwork. It is through the unwavering dedication of many individuals that this organization operates smoothly and efficiently. Collectively, we labor tirelessly to ensure the utmost support and care for our community.

Join Us

Help us make a difference in our community.

Help Us Grow

Donations are crucial to advance our mission and ensure the future of Senior VIllage at SaddleBrooke. 

Become a Member

As a member of Senior Village, you will gain access to a range of services. Join us and experience the care of a Senior Village membership. 

Assist Your Neighbors

Senior Village offers a wide range of volunteer opportunies that benefit the organization as well as the members.