Enroll As A Volunteer

Being a Senior Village volunteer is fun and rewarding.  Becoming a volunteer is easy and the process begins when you click the button below and create a Senior Village account with your name and a password of your choice.  You will need the password later so be sure to write it down.  Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation email to outline the next steps.  For more information about volunteering for Senior Village, call 520-314-1042 extension 4.

Volunteer Form

After you have created a Senior Village account, you will login and fill in your Volunteer Form.

After you submit this online volunteer form, you will soon be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator who will invite you to an introductory class.

Pay Close Attention To These Sections:

Your email address

All assignments are sent out through email. Each volunteer must have his/her own email address.


Special skills

Let us know a bit about your background and experience.


Days you are available

Identify the days of the week and time of day that you are available to volunteer. If you wish to be busy, select more days/times. If you have only a little time to volunteer, that is okay. 


Special information

Check your personal preferences.


Driving zones

If you would like to volunteer as a driver, let us know the areas of Tucson you will transport members to.  Choose any or all four driving zones. 


Services you wish to volunteer for

See below for an explanation of our teams.


Documentation for our liability insurance coverage

Every volunteer, no matter what team, must provide us with a copy of your current driver’s license and proof of auto insurance. Please follow the instructions on how to email a jpg with this information. It’s easy when you take a photo with your cell phone.

Senior Village makes life easier.  You can get help when you need it. The volunteers are very friendly and respond immediately.  Every single person who has come has been helpful and effective.  I really like the people.  When we meet, we have a good time. One day you will need them, and they will be there for you. ~ D.V.

See more testimonials from our members and volunteers. 

Four Steps To Your Volunteer Training

  1. Basic Orientation
  • You will receive a welcome email from the Training Coordinator informing you of the date of the next monthly Basic Orientation. During this 1 hour, 15-minute session, you will learn the basics of how to be an effective volunteer for Senior Village. This orientation is required for ALL new volunteers, per the agreement with our insurance company. At the training session, you will choose the team on which you want to serve.
  1. Volunteer Agreement
  • Before you attend the Basic Orientation, the Training Coordinator will also send you a Volunteer Agreement and a Security Background Check form. You will need to fill these in and attach a hard copy of your driver’s license and auto insurance. The cost of this confidential vetting is covered by the Village and conforms to the requirements of our liability insurance (CIMA through the Village to Village Network).
        1. Team Orientation
        • Soon thereafter, the leader of the team you have chosen will contact you for a brief Team Orientation in which you will learn the specifics of how the team functions and what your role will be.
        1. Ready to Serve
        • Within a few days, the Village Administrator will receive approval from our vetting company, True Hire, and you will be issued your Village name badge. You are now ready to serve on your team(s) as you become part of  “neighbors helping neighbors” in the Senior Village family.

        Choosing A Volunteer Team

        Depending on your interests and experience, you may choose any of the following teams for your volunteer service.

        Going My Way

        Drive members to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or hair salons.

        Helping Hands

        Perform simple tasks around the house or yard such as fixing a door knob, hanging a picture, troubleshooting a computer, and moving patio furniture.

        Fun With Friends

        Make social phone calls; write and send birthday cards; join book club; phone members to invite to activities; support men’s monthly social hour.


        Respond to members’ phone calls requesting a service; route the messages to the correct recipient via the Village computer program. Must be computer savvy.

        Admin Clerical

        Help with preparing newsletter and other mailings; fold, sort, address, etc.


        Interview prospective members in their homes, fill in their intake forms and enter this information into an online form for the member.

        Home Technology

        Help with setting up voice command devices such as Alexa. Help with setting up smart plugs, lights, doorbells, and thermostats.

        Moving On

        As a personal advocate on this team, you would be assigned to help members work with a consultant to find a long-term residence, downsize their home and provide support as they transition from SaddleBrooke.


        Home visits to assess needs, formulate suggestions/options and provide resource information.

        Friendly Connection

        Home companion social visits which may include phone calls, walks, games and conversation. Visits monitored by the Support Team.

        Forms & Documents

        In the role of a volunteer advocate, you will help members organize paperwork and fill in forms, as well as meet with them to review the Planning Ahead handbook where they may enter important personal, legal, and financial data. When appropriate, you will work with widowed members to discuss information on responsibilities after the death of a spouse/partner.

        More Information

        Training Dates

        Now that you're a volunteer, see the available upcoming volunteer training sessions listed here.

        Services for Member

        Members gain access to a comprehensive range of services provided by volunteers. 

        Upcoming Events

        Senior Village holds events and activities for our community, members, and volunteers.